In 2015 Sam was approached to represent Canada’s Soccer Team in the 2015 America’s Cup in Rio de Janeiro. When Sam had brought this to the attention of Triovest, our very own Lisa McKay initiated a Soccer Cup-CAKE Fundraiser to help cheer him on while he represented part of Canada! When Sam learned about the fundraiser he thanked Lisa and the team with the below words:

I just wanted to touch base and say Thank you so much for hosting this cupcake sale! It is unbelievably thoughtful and kind. The fact that the company is putting valuable time and effort in for one single employee speaks volumes about being a great company to work for! I don’t care if no cupcakes sell, the fact that you are going out of your way to make this happen is so great, I will take this memory into my later years. Thank you so much!!

Triovest managed to raise $1,100 for Sam to represent Canada in Brazil. Something he will forever hold near and dear to his heart, and as he stated himself is “something that speaks volumes” about the Coril Group of Companies, their core values, and their willingness to invest in their people and communities.

Barbara H – Triovest

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