My favorite thing about Canada and Calgary in particular, is our proximity to the mountains, and the endless activities that accompany it. My boyfriend, TJ, and I went cross country skiing in Bragg Creek two weekends ago to enjoy the chinook weather (another fav), the views, and to get some exercise. We had been skiing for about an hour, during which TJ hit a patch of ice and wiped out. Seeing as I value the reputation we, as Canadians, have for being friendly, polite, and always helping out a friend, I clipped out of my skis, ran back to him and helped him out of the snow. After we clipped back in, we started on the Tom Snow loop, a trail with a steep uphill and an equally steep downhill. I was going a wee bit too fast, and one ski ended up outside of the track while the other remained in the track, obviously resulting in a yard-sale type crash. I was laying there laughing, thinking TJ would return the favour and come to my rescue, when I see him fly past me shouting “Sorry J, going too fast, can’t stop”. I guess the point of my story is the mountains are beautiful, I feel quite Canadian, TJ may have some work to do, and we’re not very good at cross country skiing.

Jane T – Coril Holdings Ltd.

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